Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Prayer drives out Satan's attempts at anger and fear

Its amazing to realize that Christian wisdom has existed for centuries now. Here is a quote from Evagrius, a Syrian Christian Historian from the 590's:

[The demons] act cunningly in order to do us harm by means of thoughts and worries about particular persons, imagining conversations with them--sometimes with friends, sometimes with enemies--in order to exchange our love of God for love of men. The result is that, instead of praying for our enemies, as we are bidden, we acquire hatred for those who have grieved us, and so our prayer becomes the cause of anger.

Set off on the path of prayer with confidence, then swiftly and speedily will you reach the place of peace, which is your stronghold against the place of fear.


Carmel said...

those ancient words were good to read thanks for that :)

4HisChurch said...

You're welcome!

marie said...

AMEN 4HisChurch Amen!!

I really needed to read that today. A true saying is 'when you begin to hate the first person you hate is yourself'.

Why do 'some'people think insults are the way to explain our Catholic faith? *boggles my mind*.

Peace of Christ,


mk said...

wow that is good! Amazing! So I guess what TV sitcoms call "the comittee in our head," that self talk--can be plain old demons. Back to "pray without ceasing" should help! That the old time Catholics called "holy ejaculations"- short, frequent prayers and praise!!! I always thought the nuns who said that were crzy , now I see their wisdom!

4HisChurch said...

The Blog "So Many Devotions" just did a post on that very subject.

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