Sunday, January 28, 2007

Holy Spirit

Do you ever feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking directly through the priest's homily? God does that through our priest a lot.

This year, I've had 2 major surgeries, 2 of my aunts have very recently had mastectomies, and one aunt has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Today the priest started talking about how, one day, we will all be in a sick bed and then we will no longer have control of our lives. Then, it will be up to us to turn over control to God.

I literally felt like God was reaching down and tapping me on the shoulder.

We do the music at Mass. The priest also said today, that we all have gifts that we should use and not be arrogant about them.

Zing, zing! Two--right in the basket!


Anonymous said...

Don't you LOVE when that happens!!!

4HisChurch said...


LifeisgreatTAC said...

Great listening!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have felt like that, and it's nice to read about it happening to others.
I hope all goes well with your Aunts too.
One day we will not have control, how true.

4HisChurch said...

Its a scary thought, that's for sure.

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