Sunday, December 03, 2006

Tis the Season

Its the annual "Advent for Adults with ADD" at our house, only this year, we're actually moving furniture and getting rid of an eternity of dust that has been floating around underneath tables and chairs in various rooms. I am still looking for my favorite winter wreath that I usually put outside. Who knows where it is. I know where it SHOULD be, but I haven't found it yet, and dh is pulling the "I know NOTHING" line, which is probably true when it comes to where I put Advent stuff LAST year.

Also, today is our annual "Gluing on of Heads" ceremony. Each year our St. Croix creche, given to us by my late in-laws, gets put up on the first Sunday of Advent. Unfortunately, the creche is made of some sort of pottery and tends to break quite easily. This year, the shepherd lost his head and Mary lost part of her veil. Actually, that may be a record. I think the angel has lost her wing most years, and possibly even her head as well.

Oh well, perhaps I'll put up a word to St. Anthony to help me find my wreath. Christmas is doubly fun when you forget what you have to put up and where it all is!

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