Monday, December 18, 2006

Person of the Year

I'm not freaking out about Time Magazine's Person of the Year as much as many others are. Apparently, people are concerned because Time declared "You" as Person of the Year. Each and every one of us.

Yes, I abhore the naval gazing generation I am part of as much as the next blogger. But I really think that those who are biting their nails over this are focusing on the wrong thing.

Time picked "you"/us as people of the year not (merely) because we are a self centered generation in a self centered society, but because of the explosion of communication technology that has occured in just half a lifetime or less. And, for now, we, each of us, is in charge of it. We can each have a blog. We can make and post our own movies, design and share our own computer programs, all without a go-between or a middle man of any kind.

We are at the heady leading edge of a huge wave of instant communication and instant information that is, at least for now, controlled as much or more by individuals than it is by big business.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Preserve it if you can.


Carmel said...

we can all share lol

4HisChurch said...

There you go! :)

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