Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Just so you know, it is not Christmas yet.
It's not even Advent.
Not until Sunday.

Just say no to Christmas decorations.
At least for a while.


Darrell said...

God bless you! It makes me sick, every year, when the stores pull the Halloween candy out of the isles and start stocking them right away with Christmas products. Give us a breather! Remember when Thanksgiving was it's own Holiday, before Christmas absorbed it?

4HisChurch said...

Oh, I know! Those retailers have to start pushing their Christmas stuff. I don't know how anyone with little kids handles all that these days. I literally tried my best to avoid taking ds to the store at all around this time of year. But now, neighborhoods are decorated, sometimes before Thanksgiving for crying out loud!

Saint Peter's helpers said...

Thank you for this! I can't believe I'm seeing Christmas trees already.

There's no Easter unless there's Lent. So... there's no Christmas unless there's Advent. Waiting and preparing well brings about a joyous Christmas!

4HisChurch said...

There *are* ways to decorate for Advent and not Christmas. But of course, Advent doesn't "sell".

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