Tuesday, November 21, 2006


While perusing a message board today, I came across a post in which someone expressed their happiness at not being Catholic. This was posted at a Catholic message board in response to a post in which someone was asking for support over a difficult situation. When the offensive nature of this gleeful post was pointed out, the original poster played the "feelings" card. You know: "I was only expressing my feeeeelings".

Everyone has a right to his or her own feelings on a subject. Feelings are something to be discussed after careful consideration for the hearers. Just because they are one's feelings, doesn't mean they, by definition, can not be found offensive to others if voiced aloud. This modern notion that everyone is entitled to be forced to listen to an offensive tirade under the guise of expressing "feelings" is misguided.


Charley said...

This sort of thing drives me bonkers - what was the message board, btw?

'Feelings' or 'opinions' must be combined with respect and tact; failing to do so results in anger and self-rightousness.

4HisChurch said...

The message board was an NFP board that clearly stated itself on the start page as a Catholic board (although those of any faith are welcome).

jon said...

Typical of this generation of narcissists.

Carmel said...

I totally agree. Now I have the "feelings" song in my head :D
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

4HisChurch said...

Thanks, Carmel! Do you all have anything akin to Thanksgiving in Australia?

mk said...

Gosh, this is so much like the Siegnfeld actor (Kramer) yelling the 'n' word 20 times before walking off stage and alienating teh whole audience. Many other countries have some sort of politeness laws. Note how many people give random opions jsut to cut other people down. Did anyone ask that person: "Gee, btw, who's GLAD they aren't Catholic?" I am tired of ALL win-loose dynamics. The RC Church leaders do soo many theological gymnastics NOT to obscure the Faith but to NOT be rude to others. This kind of self inspection is really appreciated by the rest of the world. That person started down the slippery slope of dehumanising a whole people-group. It is so much easier after that to kill them (Catholics). It's just a fact supported by historical events of all kinds. There's just one God and the Divine loves us all. We have to return this with love however or we are on the leel of murderers adn terrorists and biggots.

4HisChurch said...

You're totally right about the slippery slope. Its all to easy to go there.

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