Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Church of England greases the slippery slope

The Church of England has come out in favor of the recent British doctors' proposal that severely disabled premature infants be euthanized by the withholding of medical treatment. Tom Butler, Bishop of Southwark stated that "it may in some circumstances be right to choose to withhold or withdraw treatment, knowing it will possibly, probably, or even certainly result in death".

An Inthenews.co.uk story says that "Babies born at such premature ages are much more likely to be disabled and therefore suffer major constraints on their enjoyment of life."

So the Church of England says its ok to just kill them.

Babies are first. The elderly will be next. With the birth rate in many countries below replacement level, financial issues will quickly outweigh whatever might be left of Judeo-Christian life ethics. We already have killed permanently disabled adults (Terri Schiavo, for example) in this country, not to mention the many pre-born children who are killed each year.

All in the name of "compassion."

Hopefully, there are still Anglicans left out there who have a conscience that is properly formed enough to be disturbed by this latest foray into "compassionate" killing.

Matthew over at Shrine of the Holy Whapping posts about the Anglican Use parishes. This Pastoral Provision allows "Anglican or Episcopalian clergy and whole parishes (to) be brought over to the Catholic faith while retaining a distinct identity in the form of a very beautiful liturgy." Unfortunately, there are only about 6 of these parishes in the United States. But, God willing, more will come to be created as the Anglican church continues its quick slide down the slippery slope.

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