Sunday, October 22, 2006

Man learns of Christ through ancient Hindu text

Fascinating article in Indian Catholic. Aravindaksha Menon was a high-caste Indian Hindu who had stopped practicing his religion after becoming a Communist activist. When his life became troubled, he turned to Hinduism, making offerings to various Hindu gods in local temples, and then to astrology, to no avail. Things became so difficult, he began to plan a murder-suicide.

A Hindu Brahmin, a former chief justice of India, then told Menon that he had made 2 mistakes: one was turning to the wrong gods and the second was becoming an atheist when his prayers failed. He suggested that Menon study the Hindu Veda, which he did.

He became intrigued by verses which spoke of a "son of God" who would come and teach people about good and evil, and sacrifice himself for peoples' salvation. When he questioned the Brahmin about this, Menon was told the verses spoke of Jesus Christ and that further study in the Christian Bible was needed.

Although he was unsure how, Menon began to pray and was given peace. he now says that Christ has "saved my family, not financially but with all his blessings."


Carmel said...

wow that is really interesting, and it's great to see the big change his life took after learning the teachings of Jesus.

Leed said...

Nothing is impossible with God.

Mathew 19:26

4HisChurch said...

Very true!

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