Thursday, September 21, 2006

Latest read

I just finished a very satisfying book, Blood Sisters, by Melody Carlson. It is categorized in our local library as "inspirational", and has some of the expected characteristics of such books, such as no explicit scenes and characters that believe in God and turn to Him in times of trouble.

This particular book happens to have a riveting plot line and deals with such issues as racism and hate crimes in a non-sensationalist and realistic manner.

I recommend it.


mk said...

I am reading the biography of Mother Angelica. It is a great book! She had a dead beat dad and a mentally ill mother and was raised in an impoverished situation. Like me, she had a spinal fusion surgery at Mercy Hospital!!!!! It is such a faith filled book!!

Staying in Balance said...

Woah!!! There's a lot I apparently didn't know about Mother Angelica! Was her spinal fusion surgery in the same city as yours?

Anonymous said...

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Staying in Balance said...

Thanks, Wren!

Unknown said...

Thanks, I am always up for a good read.

Staying in Balance said...

This time, my dh even read the book--its rare that we have the same taste in everyday books, but he lived through the era of civil rights in this country--in the American South--so he really enjoyed the book.

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