Monday, March 06, 2006

Fashion takes a U-Turn

There have been recent news reports on the "Muslimization" of fashion by the fashion gurus around the world. In spite of the panic that this has caused in some circles, I find it a welcome breath of fresh air.

The Japanese Yamamoto, a designer of poetic, romantic clothes for a quarter of a century, said backstage: "I am very bored with tiny, sexy little fashion and with T-shirts and jeans - I want women's clothes."

I, for one, can't wait until this design trend trickles down to the everyday stores that I have access to. Not all of us are built like 11 year olds. Not all of us want to run around nearly naked in public. For years, parents have complained that there is nothing appropriate in the stores to buy their daughters for special occasions that doesn't make them look like wannabe street walkers.

Unfortunately, as in all fashion trends, the apparent modesty trend that is on the horizon will eventually pass. But maybe we can vote with our wallets and not buy the ridiculous stuff that passes for fashion currently. Let the fashion industry know what you want!

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