Thursday, December 01, 2005

Family wins right to display manger scene on yard

Catholic News Agency reports that the Samona family, of Novi, Michigan was told to take down their manger scene or be fined $100 per week. Their lawyer, Richard Thomson, chief counsel for the Ann Arbor based Thomas More Law Center said that “The action of the management company in demanding only that the nativity scene be removed when several other objects remained on the lawn is clear evidence that this was an attack on Christmas.”

Its bad enough when schools and businesses can't display religious oriented decorations of the season, but when a private citizen is prevented from doing so, that has to change! Kudos to this family for standing up for their rights--and ours!


Wendy said...

When will this madness end? I can't believe that these people were being attacked for displaying a nativity in their own yard. It's not like they wanted to display the nativity at the courthouse or something.

Carmel said...

Oh grrr! Every year I hear about someone offending another person with manger scenes. I was impressed to see a manger scene as a centre decoration at a shopping mall I attended recently.
I hope it all ends, and that stories like this make more Christian families (and non) display the manger scene in their yard!

4HisChurch said...

There is actually a movement to have private citizens display manger scenes on their properties--I don't know the url though.

We are lucky to have a full sized manger scene displayed in front of a bank in town. I smile every time I pass it.

I'll have to start saying a prayer of thanks.

Moneybags said...

This is great news. You can only secularize so many things, and Christmas isn't one of them. I love nativity scenes.

May Christ reign in all our hearts!

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