Friday, December 09, 2005

The Christmas Witch?!

From the "its ok to hate Christians" file, a Wisconsin school district has banned any Christmas songs with a Christian theme, but oks Hanukkah pieces. The words to Silent Night, written by Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr in 1818, have been changed to reflect the new policy of no "dogmatic religious statements" allowed in music programs. So, yeah, lets just throw out 1000+ years of western music history while we're at it! In case you were wondering, the new words to Silent Night include,

Cold in the night, no one in sight, winter winds whirl and bite, how I wish I were happy and warm, safe with my family out of the storm.

World Net Daily reports that
this year's winter program included decorating classrooms with Santa Claus, Kwanzaa symbols, menorahs and Labafana, a mythical witch that's a part of traditional Christmas celebrations in Italy.

Ok. We can have an Italian Christmas Witch, but not a manger scene? Not the REAL Silent Night?! Can you say, blatant prejudice?!?!

I've never understood this hatred of our country's heritage. If I lived in China, or Tibet, or India, I would expect schools and businesses to reflect the country's majority religious holy days. As a Christian, I wouldn't be offended and I certainly wouldn't necessarily expect the country to make sure that Christian symbolism abounded along with their own religions'.

But we here in America are a "free" country with "freedom of religion". Apparently that no longer includes Christianity, though. That nasty, narrow minded religion that has only produced the most beautiful works of music and art in the last 2 centuries...


Moneybags said...

I am shocked and offended. I wouldn't sing that song and I would protest against it. Everyone complains of people expressing Christmas but I'm offended by it being taken away. I'm glad to hear that Walgreens and Lowes have decided to introduce the word "Christmas" in their future advertising.

4HisChurch said...

I'm glad to see that the White House is actually putting up a Christmas Tree this year as well!

Eric Wolfsbane said...

I'm tired of all this whining about new lyrics by stupid people.

Many folk songs use the melodies of previous tradition songs with new lyrics. A good example would be 'The Streets of Laredo'. Its melody is an old Irish melody.

If there's a 'war' on Christianity it's a war of liberation. We're tired of the crimes Christianity has committed against indigenous religions and peoples through the world and in Europe particularly.

We're taking back our indigenous faiths. To spiritual liberty! Down with religious imperialism! Down with it's most flagrant perpetrator! Down with Christianity!

4HisChurch said...

Sorry, at least on paper, this is a "free" country. That means we are free to celebrate our traditions and our religion. If public schools are not to have religious content in their celebrations, they better take out everything instead of just Christian content.

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