Sunday, November 27, 2005

First Sunday of Advent--Keep Watch

Today's Gospel urges us to keep watch for we will not know when the Lord will be coming. So many missed Him when he came to earth as a baby in a manger. So many were so busy worrying about so much, that they missed the humble birth in Bethlehem. So many of us will be so busy worrying about the commercial or psychological aspects of the Christmas season, that we will fail to do the inner, spiritual preparation that is necessary for Him to come to us.

Today's Advent gospel talks about staying awake in preparation for the Lord's coming. Since Jesus himself was speaking, He wasn't talking about his coming in a manger, but his returning to earth at the end of the world. There are so many people today who focus their spiritual energies on the so-called "end times". Yes, one day, there will be the "end of the world". But Jesus said we will not know the day or the hour. One thing is for sure. We each will see the "end times"--when we die and face our Father in Heaven.

So, prepare for the end times--your end times, and, don't worry about what you can not control. Leave that up to God.

This Advent, prepare yourself spiritually for the Lord's coming--both in your own heart, now, and when you meet Him in Heaven. Go to confession, forgive others, forgive yourself, reach out and show His love.


Charley said...

I heard a great story in relation to today's gospel - three monks wondered what they would do if they had 15 minutes to live. One said, go to confession and the other said to go to adoration. They went to ask Brother Basil the same question (he worked in the kitchen, cleaning up after every meal). They found him mopping the floors and asked him - he said, while looking around, "Fifteen minutes? I think I can get the floor finished."

That man was ready.
With peace and love,

4HisChurch said...

Good story, Charley!

Carmel said...

That was good 4HC, we really do need to remember to leave what we cannot control to God and prepare ourselves.

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