Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is Christianity OK on today's campus?

In another Catholic Review article, David A. French, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) says that
"American universities are on the leading edge of censorship of religious individuals in this country."
I don't doubt it, despite the fact that I graduated from a secular college more than 20 years ago. Religion, especially Christianity is seen as nothing more than institutionalized hate crime, and not as a spiritual path that people are allowed the freedom to follow by our Bill of Rights.

In spite of it all, though, I do believe that things are improving somewhat, at least in some universities across the country. There are issues that were not even touched upon 20 years ago that enjoy a great deal of publicity on campus now, such as drunk driving.

Let's add religious tolerance to the mix!


david said...

i too feel the encroachments on a christian worldview or perspective within western academia . . . however i suspect that much of this is our own undoing . . . consider pat robertson's recent comments . . . as if that's not enough . . . consider the comments made by jerry falwell on 9/11 indicating that it was God's judgment on america for allowing liberal politics, and immoral behaviors . . . as the modern world faces repeated engagements with the middle east the echoes of the roman catholic church still ring in the ears of many arabs . . . none of these things have the finger prints of our Master . . .

4HisChurch said...

I think you are right in many of your points. Many of us within Christianity have made poor judgements in the past. But, I truly don't think that is reason enough to discriminate against us now. Tolerance includes Christians.

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