Friday, August 19, 2005

The Contemplative

I've discovered another wonderful site--The Contemplative. It seems to be based on Benedictine spirituality. The Journal section is a compelling, yet easy to read section of short meditations on Scripture and the Rule of St. Benedict.

I found the following very inspiring:

One by one I turned the sound off.
First the car radio.
Then I turned off the home music system.
home radio
television viewing
junk magazines
internet surfing
senseless chat on forums
long senseless conversations
senseless places
The more I turn off the hyper-media
The more I hear God
The better I understand that God demands my attention
I see how much I really want to listen
I need to listen
The more I hunger to hear
My heart strains to hear.
I don't want to miss a sound.
not even the smallest sound
I want to devour
I yearn to taste and hear God only.
August 3, 2005

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