Sunday, July 24, 2005

What do you remember from the 1960's?

Thanks to Dan L. at Catholic Answers forums for providing this wonderful idea!

What do you remember from the 1960's?

* Love beads

* All my cousins wearing these really short skirts that my mom wouldn't let me wear

* The Huntley Brinkley Report

* Walter Cronkite

* Cigarette commercials

* Everybody smoking (except my father who died when he was 57.)

* Vietnam every night on the news

* Riots in DC

* Drinking soda about once a year on our summer vacation because it was a TREAT!

* My dad working one job, coming home at 6 every night and my mom not working outside the home

* Having only one car in the family

* Not having to wear seatbelts in our one car

* Not having air conditioning in our one car

* Not having a radio in our one car

* Listening to our transistor radio slide back and forth behind the back seat of our one car

* My mom cooking boring but nutritious food for us, 3 meals a day, even though she hated cooking

* My parents paying cash for every car they ever bought

* Not realizing that The Wizard of Oz was in color because we only had one, black and white TV

* The Ed Sullivan Show

* The Jackie Gleason Show

* Mr. Ed

* My Mother the Car

* My Favorite Martian

* Queen for a Day

* Wearing a hat, gloves and patent leather shoes to church every Sunday

*Altar boys using patens

* Eagerly awaiting to see what color each nun's hair was when they went to short habits.

* Feeling petrified at the thought of having to shake strangers' hands at the then new, "kiss of peace" at Mass.

* New year's eve, 1968

* Being woken up to watch the first man land on the moon.

What about you?


hyperkids said...

We had one car. A big station wagon. A big family, too! Which meant I sat on the floor, "in the back", or on a lap.

Mr. Ed was one of my favorites too! On a black and white tv, where you actually had to get up to change the channels.

Private school -- uniforms. And actually learning Cursive as a separate class. My kids just get a worksheet sent home and are expected to teach themselves curvise. So, you might guess -- neither of my kids can write cursive.

Radio station: 60 (AM)

Oh, one more, I had a stuffed dog with a radio in his belly. I thought I was cool stuff. My sister gave him to me as a Christmas gift. My brother gave me a bobble head. Remember those?

And gathering as a family to watch Christmas specials. No videos or DVDs. There was one night to catch Charlie Brown and Rudolp -- so get your homework done early kids!


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

Tonic, including Fanta, sold in glass bottles.

Cigarette vending machines.

Big cars.

short-sleeved "dress" shirts, and many more men in ties.

G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

But here is another one: AM top-40 music stations

Saint Peter's helpers said...

I remember...

A bit of the Latin Mass; shows like Combat! I dream of Jeannie, The Avengers; The Slinky; my dad wearing shirts made by Montagut.

4HisChurch said...

Oh, yeah, the Christmas specials! I think there is something to be said for special programs coming on once a year and having the fun and excitement of gathering the family together to watch. I loved that.

We had a separate class in phonics too. I wonder if they still do that.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

I miss Christmas specials! They were so wholesome and just plain entertaining. We used to watch Danny Kaye, Dean Martin, Andy Williams.

4HisChurch said...

Oh, what about Guy Lombardo? New Year's Eve just isn't the same without him!

4HisChurch said...

RE: Top 40 music stations--
I used to sit up on New Year's Eve when I was a teenager and listen to the Top 100 countdown of the year while summarizing the year in my diary. I guess I was a blogger from way back!

Saint Peter's helpers said...

Like hyperkids, I also remember a special class on cursive and it was one of my favorite classes.

I remember the PEZ craze, sea monkeys, music of Ray Connif, James Last, Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66.

4HisChurch said...

You know, it was one of my favorite classes too. I did so badly in Math that I think I was glad to be able to do something fairly well!

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