Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Update on PA petition

For those of you in the large state of PA, petitions are still circulating in opposition to the state legislators' self appointed pay raise. In addition to the link in my previous post, WHP580 AM radio has a petition going as well. You can sign it online or download it to sign and distribute and mail it in via snail mail.

Note: I've just been made aware of a brand new site: Operation Clean Sweep Pennsylvania has been founded by Russ Diamond of Harrisburg, PA. According to KDKA's web site, Diamond explains the purpose of Operation Clean Sweep.
"'Operation Clean Sweep' is an attempt to defeat every single incumbent in the General Assembly who's up for reelection next year."

Diamond says it is time to make a clean sweep of the legislature and vote against every incumbent, no matter how he/she voted in the pay raise bill. He beleives those who voted against it only did so because they knew there were enough yes votes. Their slogan is, "Because taxpayers are not sheep." His site is worth visiting and supporting, I think.

Another interesting site to visit is Pennsylvanians for the U.S. Fair Tax Act. They claim that a fair tax is possible and that 95% of Americans would pay lower taxes under their system, which does not involve tax filing, since there are no loop holes. One of their slogans is: April 15th--Make it just another day! Very interesting and tempting concept.

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