Friday, July 15, 2005

The Top Ten Lies of Television

"The media can wreak great harm on the family when it offers an inadequate or even distorted vision of life, of the family itself and of religion and morality."
-- Pope John Paul II, May 2004

Top Ten Lies of Television from

10. TV is real life.

9. TV news tells the truth.

8. TV characters are good role models.

7. Children's TV is harmless.

6. TV advertising benefits you.

5. Everybody watches it, so I have to.

4. My life will be better if I buy advertised products.

3. What I and my kids watch doesn't really affect us.

2. I can learn all I need to know by watching TV.

And the Number One Lie is:

Television is Necessary.

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Susan L. Prince said...

I stopped watching tv in 1999. I don't miss it.

Yes, there is tv in the house. We can get one local station, but I rarely watch. Mostly, the framily watches movies, it's the easiest way to "censor" what the kids see.

Now and then, especially on business trips, I have the chance to surf the tv channels available, and I am quickly reminded that I'm not missing anything at all.

Saint Peter's helpers said...

I find myself tuning in consistently on one program which is Mother Angelica's EWTN. If you have cable, you might want to check it out at

Otherwise, I would agree with Susan - there's just a lot of bad stuff out there and it's getting more difficult to find a reason to watch television.

But... reading a good book - now that's a delight.

4HisChurch said...

Good for you, Susan! I feel like the last hold out because I don't have cable. If I could get just the few cable stations that I would want (animal planet, ewtn) and none others, I would go for it. TV is such a wasteland now.

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