Thursday, July 28, 2005

Operation AC--And you thought YOU were hot?!?

I have just disovered a wonderful site called Operation AC, Inc. It was started by a mother whose son was posted to Iraq in 2003. He was due to leave the military yesterday to come home and help her run the organization.

Operation AC provides air conditioners to soldiers in Iraq. Temperatures there can reach upwards of 110-119 degrees Fahrenheit. She also is committed to providing whatever the soldiers express a need for, as long as there are soldiers there. Her website has an extensive list of items that are needed by both male and female soldiers.

Recently she found out that our soldiers have been sharing supplies with coalition soldiers. These supplies are routinely issued to our soldiers by the U.S. military and include Health and Comfort Packs, which are personal care items, stationary and flashlights, Under Armour Heat Gear Shirts, and Gerber Multi-tools.

In response to this need, she has begun Coalition Care to supply these items to the brave Coalition soldiers that fight along with those from the United States.

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could do something concrete to help not only our soldiers, but those in the coaltion, who are fighting far from home as well as enduring the terror in their own countries?

From a Catholic standpoint, the Church urges us to practice Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy which include feeding the hungery, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming strangers and comforting the sorrowful.

No matter what your opinion might be about the conflict itself, let's support the brave men and women from all over the world who are in the Middle East trying to help rebuild Iraq.


Saint Peter's helpers said...

What a wonderful idea. Only a mother could think of this. Thanks for the post!

4HisChurch said...

You're welcome. For someone who remembers Vietnam, it does my heart good to see the support the individual soldiers are getting these days. Very encouraging.

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