Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crosses Across America

When you get a minute, visit Crosses Across America. Their purpose is to encourage Americans to demonstrate their faith by putting religious symbols of their faith on their private property. The group is non-denominational and encourages the use of whatever faith symbols are appropriate to your beleif system.

The above image is a picture of a statue of The Immaculate Heart of Mary to whom my husband and myself are very devoted. She stands in quiet corner of our yard. (Thanks to our son for taking the picture.)

This is a freedom that I think is easy to take for granted. We live in a free country and this is something we should continue to be allowed to do. Don't be afraid to express your faith in public!


Saint Peter's helpers said...

I love your statue of the Immaculate Heart. More Catholic backyards should have a grotto of Our Lady.

4HisChurch said...

It was one of my dreams growing up. For some reason, my parents never got into overt displays of faith. I love that I can have various statues and icons all around me now.

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