Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Bit of Self Pity

The wonderful warm, loving feelings about taking care of my mom has given way to feeling a bit sorry for myself. She is still forgetting her meds, although doing a bit better. Same with eating. She does eat, and then she won't for a while. Today I spent the afternoon arguing with her insurance company who wouldn't give me any information because I'm not on her policy and she won't give me official power of attorney.

But, I must hang onto the fact that, no matter what a helpless sinner I am, (or perhaps because of it) God is there and He has a plan for everything.


Saint Peter's helpers said...

Don't worry, God will always provide for you, your mother and your own family.

You've been given a great gift in your suffering for it earns you great merit in Heaven. I shall keep you and your mother in prayer.

St. Therese's father, Venerable Louis Martin also suffered much:

Louis Martin, St. Thérèse's father, was regarded as a saint in his lifetime. The last seven years of his life were marked by a severe trial, for him and for his daughters who loved him dearly. In 1887 he suffered several strokes which led to mental paralysis. Confined at first to a mental hospital, he was then cared by his daughter Céline until his death on 29 July 1894.

4HisChurch said...

Thanks so much! St. Therese is one of my favorite saints. I'll have to remember to offer up my suffering more regularly and pray a special intention to her. That always helps!

Dirty Butter said...

We cared for my mother and my father-in-law, who both died with Alzheimer's. For your mother's sake, and yours, please figure out some way to get her to sign a Power of Attorney for financial and for health issues. Maybe she would listen to the advice of her lawyer, or perhaps her priest?

4HisChurch said...

I know you're right, Dirty Butter. I'm going to keep working on it. She keeps saying she needs to go to a lawyer and update her will soon.

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