Monday, June 27, 2005

Not Dead Yet--the Resistance is a disability rights group that opposes the legalized killing of individuals based on their health status, i.e., Terri Shindler-Schiavo and countless others. It is becoming increasingly common in this country to allow those who are not disabled, ("concerned" family members and courts too, apparently) to make the decision that someone who is in a less-than-perfect, yet living state should be killed.

The Schiavo case opened up a horrifying can of worms for the disabled community, because, at least in Florida, it appears to be legal to kill the disabled now, albeit, still selectively. We live in a country that has decided that Christopher Reeves should be allowed to live but Terri Schiavo should be killed.

This can and will affect every American family, I believe. With Americans' increasing longevity and decreasing family size, the pressure will be on each of us to have our family members put to death because we or the health care institution no longer wants to pay for their care.

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