Saturday, June 04, 2005

Books I'm reading

Currently, I'm reading The Accidental Pope by former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, Ray Flynn. In its unique premise, a laicized American priest who is a widower with 4 children, is voted by the Conclave to succeed John Paul II. After a week of daily voting, one of the front runners pulls out of the race by telling a story about his ex-priest friend, Bill Kelly. A majority of the cardinals then cast their protest vote for Bill Kelly, each thinking he is the only one doing so. The joke is on them when they realize that this layman was once ordained a priest and therefore is technically eligible to become pope. His cardinal-friend is dispached to officially go to the States to offer him the job and get his laughing refusal. But, he doesn't refuse.

This book is interesting, if for no other reason than it is set in what is our recent past. It is fun to compare the book with the reality. For example, the mourning period for Pope John Paul II is 15 days in the book, and I believe it was 9 days in reality. Also, the book has the late Pope passing away some time before New Year's Day 2001.

I haven't finished the book yet, but I'm sure it will continue to be interesting!

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"Slavery ended in medieval Europe only because the church extended its sacraments to all slaves and then managed to impose a ban on the enslavement of Christians (and of Jews). Within the context of medieval Europe, that prohibition was effectively a rule of universal abolition. "— Rodney Stark

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